So you’ve said “yes” to finding your purpose. You’ve set the intention. You’ve planted the flag. Now what? Will your dreams magically fall in your lap? Perhaps, but not likely until you do the work to make them so. And by “work” I am talking about the internal work to align yourself with Source Energy, that Higher Power that wants to help you achieve your dreams.

Have you ever had those moments where life felt effortless? That indescribable feeling that everything was going your way, everything was easy and light, with such an energy and focus that made you notice? In those moments, you were aligned with Source Energy. You were operating at such a high vibration that everything was, in fact, effortless. It was in those moments that you could achieve everything you wanted and needed.

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The problem is, those moments are often fleeting and difficult to replicate. The connection gets interrupted by fear or doubt or simply feeling that you are not worthy of your dreams. The volume is turned up on those old stories and experiences that were imprinted into your consciousness from an early age. It’s no one’s fault. You, your parents, siblings and caregivers were doing their best based on what they brought to the table, and it is important to note that what was passed onto you was likely the experiences of your generational family. The importance of understanding and being fully aware of this without judgment or criticism cannot be overstated.

Now the easy answer would be to simply say “turn down that volume, or better yet, turn it off completely!” But it is not that easy. It can be downright hard to reprogram your natural thinking tendencies from “I am not worthy,” or “I am too old” or “I am not talented or smart enough” to “I deserve it all!”

So why undertake the work? At this point you might be saying, ‘my life is pretty good, and sure, it could probably be better, but I’ve got no real complaints and I’m comfortable where I am.’ My response to you would be: “But do you really, truly love your life? Do you wake up each morning excited for what the day is going to bring, or do you hit the snooze button several times, delaying the day as much as possible? Are you going through the motions, comfortable as they may be, or are you living with an unquestionable knowing that you were created on purpose, for a purpose?

I want you to know that you are an amazing soul who deserves the reality of your dreams. I once was comfortable with my life, limited as I now know it was. But I can honestly say that the work of breaking through those limiting beliefs is more than worth it. So how do you begin? Accept yourself where you are. At this very moment. Everything that is your past–the good, the difficult, the indifferent–it has all served to prepare you for this moment. It has shown you what you do and do not desire. It has shown you that you are stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for as evidenced by the fact that you are here, in this moment, saying “yes.”

And while you must move out of the past, that does not mean forgetting the past. Your life is undeniably a part of you, but rather than camping there and replaying events or feelings in your mind, use it to propel you forward. Instead of regret, be grateful for those experiences that have shaped you, strengthened you and re-directed you to this very moment of this very day. Accept yourself, as you are, in complete trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Your Creator, the powerful and loving intelligence of the Universe, has not given up on you; don’t give up on yourself.

Remember, if it’s in your heart, it is in your reality. You just need to allow it to unfold in complete trust and know that it’s all good because It Is. All. Good.

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