I am determined to love my life, 365 days of the year.   Now you may be saying, there is no way that someone can love their life ALL of the time.  What about those days where you just want to crawl in a hole and disappear?  We have all had those kinds of days.   Bad things happen at work.  A relationship falls apart.  A friend is lost.  A heart is broken.    But St. Paul teaches that we are to be content and love our life regardless of the situation.  Find joy in tribulation.  Joy is rooted in the knowledge that whatever happens in your life is happening for your greater good.  Whether it is developing compassion or patience, accepting the love that drives the Universe, or deepening your faith, all events, good and bad, serve a purpose. The Universe wants us to be happy, abundant and fulfilled.  So go out today and find at least one thing to love about your life and really feel the joy in that moment.  Then get up the next day and find another reason to love your life, and the next day….well, you get the picture!  Love Your Life and Your Life Will Love You!!


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