We always hear about the calm before the storm. You know, those eerily quiet moments before the torrential rains and howling winds begin disrupting your external landscape. Sometimes that calm is necessary. It can be a time for preparation, or reflection on what is to come. Other times, it simply provides a short period of pause before all hell breaks loose.

Photo by k.a. johnson

But what about the calm after the storm? We have had an inordinately stormy weather season here in Northern California, and I am always struck by the enveloping silence that descends following a voracious storm. When the howling winds die down and the rain stops, and all that’s left is the still aftermath of the squall, there is a sense of peace and quiet, and serenity in knowing that the storm has passed, and that everything is alright.

And I’m not just talking about weather patterns here. Part of life involves going through storms. Some personal storms are mild and easily navigated, but the really big ones, the ones that make you feel like battening down the hatches and hiding in the closet, are often the ones that have the sweetest pause when they pass. The key is to embrace the quiet, because the quiet that you feel deep down in your bones means the storm has passed. Just as you have survived an untold number of rain, wind and snowstorms in your life, so too have you survived your own personal storms. Remember that “this too shall pass,” because it will.

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