During a recent meditation, I was reminded by that still, small voice of my heart that we all deserve everything that we seek because everything we seek–truly and authentically seek at the soul level–was borne in us when our souls were birthed into existence.

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.


Feeling deserving of something can have negative connotations when it rises to the level of narcissistic entitlement. That is definitely not the type of deserving of which I speak. Rather, it is knowing that you deserve to do, receive and have everything you need to live your life’s purpose. It is asking those three important soul questions–who am I? what do I want? and what is my purpose?–and upon knowing the answers you also know that you deserve those blessings.

Knowing that you are worthy of these blessings is the first step in bringing them into your reality. As someone who has struggled with issues of self-worth, I know first hand how feeling unworthy of something, whether conscious of it or not, can be paralyzing. Pervasive feelings or thoughts of unworthiness create our reality, which, in turn, ‘validates’ our thoughts, resulting in a vicious self-fulfilling loop.

For example, if you stay in an unfulfilling, dead end job because you don’t feel that you are good enough, or smart enough, or worthy enough of something better, guess what? You are going to remain in that job until you know that you deserve better. If you settle for relationships or scarcity because you feel as though you do not deserve anything better….well, you get the picture. Breaking the loop involves knowing what you deserve and then taking inspired action to break that loop. Believe me, the work is so worth it!

I cannot stress enough the importance of blocking out the external influences–the opinions, thoughts or beliefs of others (well-intentioned or otherwise)–and really look inward to discover what inspires you and lights your heart. Then write them down in specific detail. Answer the three soul questions, all the while remembering that your thoughts (and your journal) are a safe place where you can dream to your heart’s content, without limitation or judgment. Dream big, dream bold, knowing that those dreams have always been with you.

If you are practicing affirmations, add ‘deservations’ to your practice. For example, you could say and/or write something along the following lines:

  • “I deserve to be healthy so that I may carry out my soul’s purpose of [fill in];”
  • “I deserve abundance so that I may freely give to those in need and use it to carry out my divine assignment;”
  • “I deserve to be with my soulmate so that together we can love, support and encourage each other and in doing so, make the world a better place.”
  • “I deserve that new job because it will align me with my soul’s purpose.”

As you think and write these ‘deservations,’ it is vitally important that you actually believe them to be true. Know deep in your heart that these are not just random thoughts or words on a page, but a declaration of your worthiness to have everything that your heart desires.

And please remember, always remember, that your Creator loves you, and created you to live the life of your dreams. Now go out and live the life you deserve to live!


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