The dreams that are closest to your heart are those that were embedded in your soul at the time of your creation. Seeds nestled deep within and that are unique to you because you are unique. Only you can dream of painting a certain way, or singing a certain way, or helping others a certain way. All of it is beautiful because your dreams are uniquely you and, in and of themselves, a miracle.

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Sometimes, however, we can hold onto our dreams too tightly. In the rush and excitement of pursuing them, our ego takes hold and wants to control them. Our thinking mind sets conditions on the timing and method of achieving of our dreams that often results in frustration, disappointment and doubt–the precise energies you do not want to perpetuate.

At the soul level, our dreams are our reality. Consider that the very act of recognizing and visualizing your dreams is effortless and natural. You feel such a sense of inexpressible joy, peace and perfect ‘at-homeness’ that you cannot imagine living any other way. The difficulty arises when our ego gets involved and suddenly, it seems as though our dreams will never materialize.

So how do you get over the hump of frustration and really see miracles show up in your life?

Let it go. That’s right. Get really clear on how you want your life to look, feel it, revel in it, believe it. Then, Let. It. Go.

Remember, you are the co-creator of your reality (emphasis on “co-!”). The intelligence that created the Universe also created you and stands willing and so very able to help your dreams become reality. By relying on your ego rather than on your Creator to make your dreams come true, you are effectively saying: “I don’t trust you, Source, to help me out here. I know better than you how to make my dreams come true.” Silly, I know, but a subtle saboteur that will take over your reality unless you change your thinking and your actions.

This is not to say that your role in manifesting stops at the thinking level. You cannot expect that your dream of becoming a Nobel Laureate will just happen while you Netflix and chill. You can and must plan and take steps towards your goals because it not only shows the Universe that you are serious, but it also lets you know whether it is truly a dream that you want to pursue.

A vitally important part of releasing your dream to Source involves releasing it with an open heart and an intention to receive the promptings of inspired action. If you are truly open to these promptings, you will begin to notice resources and people showing up in your life to help you along your path. You may see a book or a workshop that can lead to new insights or connections. The possibilities are endless, but so is Source. Keep your eyes and heart open and be willing to take those steps (and sometimes those leaps) that are being offered to you.

And perhaps the most important thing you can do is trust. Trust your own intuition and intention. Trust your dreams. And trust that absolutely everything that the Universe sends your way is for no other purpose than your highest good and the fulfillment of your desires.


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