Purpose. Dreams. Heart’s Desire. These topics are so very important to me because it took me well into my 40s to truly realize that we are all created with our own unique dreams and the gifts to achieve them.

For much of my youth, I felt as though my dreams were just that–a vision for my life that was neither practical nor possible because they were so far out of the realm of what I was taught that life should be. So there they stayed, safely tucked into the depths of my heart, only seeing the light of day in my private journals.

A personal crisis gave me existential pause–and cause–to loosen the chains I had so carefully arranged around my dreams. I began to question–really question–my purpose for this life, because surely it was not to work a job that did not fulfill me to fund a life that did not thrill me.

And then a fortuitous meeting with a stranger changed the trajectory of my life. This person I met on social media would go on to become the most influential mentor and wisdom guide in my life to date. She helped bring my dreams out into the light, and perhaps more importantly, helped me realize that living out my heart’s desire was not something that belonged on the back burner. Everyone’s true purpose deserves to be front and center in their life.

As I learned to embrace this path and follow the divine vision for my life, I also began to identify the currency of my dreams. Yes, it starts with the dream itself, but it also includes feeling, asking, acting and trusting. Its this energy exchange with the Divine that aligns you with the Universe, allowing an uninterrupted flow of energy, support and resources to help bring your dreams into fruition.

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The Currency of Feeling

One of the first things we must do once we have identified what it is that we want for our lives is to feel it as though it were already in existence. Remember daydreaming as a youngster? When was the last time you just let your imagination run riotous and unapologetic with your dreams?

Create a movie in your mind of your life as you wish for it to be and notice your feelings as this movie plays. Give yourself the time and mental space to really indulge in this practice of feeling your dreams into reality and watch this movie often!

The Currency of Asking and Receiving

Too often, we feel as though we have to figure things out solely on our own. We rely on our own sense of logic and ability to ‘figure it out,’ not knowing that this often leads to fears, imposter syndrome or any number of limiting beliefs that will talk us out of our pursuit. Remember that the ego wants to keep you small. It is where all of your fears, limiting beliefs and judgments reside, preventing you from taking that leap that all dreams require.

So where should you seek counsel? Mentors and trusted wisdom guides are always a good start to help get you focused on your path, but ultimately, the one you should ask is yourself. Whether you refer to this as your God, your intuition or your Higher Self, we all have a wellspring of wisdom within waiting to be tapped. Getting in touch with your inner voice will provide you with the direction and guidance you need as you begin to navigate this path.

And you can probably guess how to access this wisdom. Yes, my friends, meditation quiets the ego mind and allows the Spirit mind to express itself loud and clear. Start inviting your Higher Self into your thoughts on a daily basis. In the quiet of the early morning before getting out of bed, I ask my Higher Self how I might be of service to my purpose (or some other question that is on my heart) and then I listen. Sometimes, I am met with silence, but for the most part, her wisdom comes through loud and clear.

The Currency of Inspired Action

The dreaming, the feeling and the asking would not get you anywhere without inspired action. When you are aligned with your purpose and are accessing the wisdom to direct your steps, there must be action based on that wisdom. Inspired action demonstrates to the Universe that you are putting your dreams on the front burner, and that you are asking and heeding the sage advice provided. As a result, more opportunities, more insights, and more ‘a ha’ moments will be available to you as you are walking your path and realizing your heart’s desires.

Investing in your dreams requires inspired action on your part. So get inspired, and act!

The Currency of Trust

When all is said and done, you have to trust that what is meant for you will materialize to help you achieve your goals. It is not your job to figure out the ‘how’ of your dreams; rather, that is the province of the wisdom and intelligence of the Universe.

Having relied on ego for so long to survive, it can be difficult to surrender to the unfathomable energy of the Universe, but that does not mean it does not exist. We are conditioned to believe things when we see them, without realizing that the real magic is seeing things when we believe them. As you believe without question, the Universe will reciprocate that belief with more amazing things to see and experience in your life.

Once you begin believing and trusting the power and wisdom of the Universe and know that this power and wisdom are within you, there is nothing that you cannot access with the energetic currency of trust.

Pursuing the life you were created to live is worth everything that you put into it. Do not be stingy with the currency of your dreams, but rather spend it lavishly and you will be overjoyed with the return on your investment. You are worth it!

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