Stillness. The absence of movement or sound. In today’s society, stillness of mind is hard to come by. Days are bombarded with endless tasks and constant connectivity through smart devices and laptops. Busyness is often worn like a badge–a symbol of worth and importance in a world where the material is the measure of success. We go through life reacting and doing instead of being.

Why is stillness important? When we live in a constant state of mind chatter, task-completion or problem solving, we experience life solely through an occupied ego-mind. The ego-mind is that place of separateness, fear and judgment that constantly keeps our gaze focused on the external and away from our Spirit. It is that part of self that compels us to live life in accordance with the expectations and norms of others rather than ourselves. Reclaiming moments of repose during your day will quiet that ego-mind and reconnect you with your Higher Self and the limitless wisdom that is always available to you.

Big Sur coastline
©️ k.a. johnson

Stillness requires patience and commitment. If you are used to a ‘go go go’ life, sitting and simply breathing and ‘be-ing’ can be difficult. But it is a necessary skill to learn and practice. Regularly practicing stillness reduces stress while increasing feelings of happiness and peace. And, although it might seem antithetical, reclaiming moments of stillness throughout your day will actually increase productivity and creative thinking by giving your mind a respite from the external.

Start scheduling stillness into your day. Set a reminder on your phone, or put a post-it note where you will see it during the day, and promise yourself that you will honor this commitment to yourself and your well-being. A minute or two of quiet, away from the hustle of your day is all it takes to get started. Close your eyes, breathe, take a walk, close your door. Choose to prioritize yourself and your well-being by reconnecting to that place of quiet where all things are possible and you are in charge of your life, rather than your life being in charge of you.


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