Why does fear exist in our human experience? Why does lack, separation and hate exist? When love, creative power, perfect health and unlimited abundance represent the true reality, why do we humans predominate our minds and actions with feelings of fear, scarcity, limiting beliefs and hate?

Because we cannot know and appreciate the light without having experienced the dark.

Because we cannot know and appreciate love without having experienced fear and separation.

Because we cannot know and appreciate abundance without having experienced scarcity.

Because we cannot know and appreciate health without having experienced disease.

Because we cannot know and appreciate our creative power without having experienced stagnancy.

© k.a. johnson

This duality of the Universe is the mechanism by which we use our human experience to level up and align with the true reality of love and abundance. Conscious awareness of this duality and its purpose is the starting point for our journey. By becoming aware that our physical body is simply a vessel to not only learn, but to teach, we begin to grasp the experiment of life.

The thoughts, emotions and situations that our ego mind consider “negative” are not meant to punish; rather, they are meant to teach. The ultimate purpose and design of this human experience is to know light, love, abundance, health and creative power. How we express those experiences is unique to each of us, but the meaning behind each unique purpose is the same.

True enlightenment comes when we experience those thoughts and situations that we as humans try valiantly to avoid and discern their purpose for our soul’s journey. In doing so, we can come to live in wonderment at the magic of the Universe and the unlimited love, health, creative power and abundance that exists within us all.

So do not curse these situations that your soul has agreed to experience, but rather savor the fact that you chose, and were chosen, to learn from them. It is by no means an easy task, but if you can unearth the wisdom of the experience, you ready yourself to reap the benefits of the lesson on the other side.

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