In this souljourn called the human experience, we can’t help but hit some obstacles. Old wounds are re-opened. Limiting beliefs and fears dominate our thoughts. It is completely normal to experience what might seem like a setback, but which is actually an opportunity for growth.

During these times of growth, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. To feel as though you are not seen, respected or loved just as you are might just be the most difficult emotion to navigate. And while learned wisdom traditions teach us that we should strive towards radical self-love and acceptance rather than external validation, we are, after all, humans. We were created to experience all the emotions of joy and sadness, love and anger, beauty and grief.

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And we must learn to love all those sides of ourselves. To embrace the wounds rather than reject them. For our wounds are an integral part of our unique human experience that help us to become more intimate with the soul that inhabits our bodies. If we reject that wounded child or the shadows that have followed us into adulthood, we are, in fact, rejecting ourselves.

The salve during these times when emotions are ragged is to take a deep breath, close your eyes and remind yourself that, in this moment, you are loved just as you are. And you are safe. You are safe to laugh, to cry, to grieve, and to rejoice. You are safe to feel. You are safe to be unapologetically you, and to love and receive love.

And in that one moment, when you see yourself and love yourself as you are, you take yet another courageous step toward uncovering that beautiful, brilliant and incandescent soul whose light is so very important to this world.

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