True love. Wealth and abundance. Health. Success. All the things. We all have wants in life, many of which seem like some unattainable pipe dream, but have you ever truly, honestly thought about your heart’s desire? Not just those things that you think will make you happy or make your life easier, but those things that will bring riotous joy to your very existence. It is in this riotous joy where we find our authentic heart’s desire.

Although your true heart’s desire might overlap with the list of those things you would identify if someone asked you what you wanted in life, the underlying impact of identifying it is significant. You see, your heart’s desire is your Truth, your Divine Assignment during your time here on this Earth and includes everything needed to fulfill that Divine Assignment.

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For example, if your heart’s desire is to find a cure for cancer, then everything that you need to help you on that quest–the time, opportunities, connections and abundance–will flow into your life to assist you. On the other hand, if you work hard at a job that you dislike and that you know is not your heart’s desire, you will find the going can be quite rough and difficult no matter how hard you work. I experienced that in my own working life and am well aware of the energy drain of living a life that was not aligned with my heart’s desire.

Discovering your heart’s desire requires introspection and identification of what makes you truly, authentically happy and at peace. Remember that what makes you authentically happy is not by chance. You were created on purpose for a purpose, and were given unique gifts to achieve that purpose. Once you’ve identified what that is, your heart’s desire naturally includes everything you need to succeed in that desire. This could be time, freedom, finances, love, or any number of things which, because they are aligned with your heart’s desire, will absolutely come to fruition.

Identifying your heart’s true desire and then taking even the smallest of steps towards that desire will begin magnetizing everything you need to achieve your dreams. On the other hand, if you identify a list of ‘wants’ as a means to avoid something like loneliness or debt, then you cannot expect the Universe to respond to your wishes.

Perhaps the most important, and often overlooked, aspect of achieving your heart’s desire is to know to the depth of your soul that you deserve everything that you seek. The Universe did not create you with your unique gifts only to prevent you from using them to the fullest. The limiting beliefs of others and feelings of unworthiness that we accept and adopt into consciousness as our own are the only things standing between you and your heart’s desire.

Perhaps the most important, and often overlooked, aspect of achieving your heart’s desire is to know to the depth of your soul that you deserve everything that you seek.


Feeling deserving of your heart’s desire involves a shift in your thinking. No matter the extent of any limiting beliefs that are holding you back, you must re-learn your worth and know that you unconditionally deserve the love, freedom, finances and opportunities that will help you realize your Truth. Write it on your mirror. Say it as a mantra. Do whatever you have to do the program your consciousness into knowing that you are worthy of what you want for your life.

The Universe wants to see you happy, peaceful, successful and prosperous, and is ready and willing to provide everything you need to be so. Expect it. Receive it. Use it. And see your life bloom into one that you heretofore only held in your wildest dreams.

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