Everyone’s journey, or as I like to call it, souljourn, is awaiting to be embarked upon. Every single one of us has a life purpose, a life path that was created for us the minute our soul was birthed into creation. Yes, Every.Single.Person, including you! Your Divine assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to be an active participant in your journey. And that action begins with a single step.

What may prompt any given person from pursuing their path is as varied as the people on this Earth. For some, myself included, the path often beckons subtly, disguised as a sense that there has to be something more to life. All too often, such promptings are ignored, re-buried under the “stuff” of societal expectation and our own limiting beliefs.

For others, myself included here as well, the beginning of the journey is borne in the shattering of life as we know it. Heartbreak, loss and trauma have a way of causing the re-evaluation of our existence. Faith is tested. Resolve to keep going seems gone. But it is often during the darkest of the dark nights of the soul, where we cannot fathom ever surviving the pain, that a glimmer surfaces in our heart compelling us to look within rather than without.

Photo by Ravi Kant on Pexels.com

Don’t ignore that glimmer. Grab onto it and follow it as though your life depends on it and know that in doing so you are held. Whether your first step is accepting support from friends, a mentor, church or nature, from reading that self-help book, or from simply taking loving, nurturing care of yourself, TAKE THAT STEP. Soon, that glimmer will grow brighter and brighter, illuminating your path forward to a new, incredible way of being. Remember, this is not a passive process! You must do the work. Keep moving forward, and with each step you take more will be revealed.

And through it all, express gratitude. While the thought of expressing gratitude for something that caused so much pain seems antithetical, know that the experience was not meant to break you, it was meant to wake you.

I can attest from my own experience that while the first step may be the hardest, it is the most important because it is evidence of the hope, faith and love that is a very part of you, even though you may not be feeling those emotions at the time. Just know that the inspired action of following that glimmer will lead you to wondrous places that will continue to light your heart.


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