The Winter Solstice will occur this year on December 21st. It represents the longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and signals a rebirth of the Sun with longer and lighter days ahead that will nourish the Earth. Along with this universal rebirth comes the opportunity for tremendous personal renewal and regeneration of the Spirit. The Winter Solstice holds within it the prospect of releasing those energies which are holding us back to reveal and rebirth those already within us that will lead to incredible transformation.

This year’s Solstice is made even more powerful and transformative by the occurrence of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius, a once in a lifetime astrological event where the two largest planets in the Universe, Saturn and Jupiter, align and bring with them positive energies of change.

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With the year that has been, I am determined to soak in the energy of this years’ Winter Solstice, and to call in positive and powerful change into my life and to the world as a collective. Solstice rituals are powerful vehicles for letting go, for setting intentions and welcoming in the new. A solstice ritual does not need to be complex. It can be as simple as lighting a candle, getting quiet and focusing on what you want to let go and what you intend to call in. For this Solstice, I am celebrating starting today, with each day devoted to a particular practice. Here are some ritual ‘prompts’ that may help with your celebration in the next few days.

Day 1 (today!): Letting Go. On this day, focus on letting go of those energies that are holding you back. Energies such as fear of failure, fear of rejection, feelings of unworthiness–anything that is preventing you from living your best life. Sit in silence and light a candle or bonfire and gaze into it, looking inward honestly and reflectively for those energies that you know in your heart must be let go. Honor what you are releasing for teaching you what you needed to know and bringing you to this point in time.

Write down the energies you wish to transmute onto scraps of paper, and one by one, throw them into the fire, allowing them to be burned away. Feel these released energies dissolving within you just as the smoke of the burning scraps dissolves into the air.

Day 2: Ground Yourself. Seek and receive the support of Mother Earth as you prepare for this shift in your being. Weather and location permitting, go outside, and stand in silence on the Earth, feeling into the support beneath your feet. Express gratitude for everything that the Earth provides–food, water, support and beauty. If you cannot go outside, do this practice with a plant, placing your hands in the soil to receive the supportive energy of the Earth.

Day 3: Set Your Intentions. Now that you have burned away that which no longer serves you, and received the support and grounding of the Earth, set your intentions for how you want your life to look in the coming year. Sit silently before a candle or bonfire, gaze into the flame, quiet your mind and trust what comes. Allow the desires of your heart to surface to your awareness. Do not try to limit them or disbelieve that they are possible. As these desires surface, set the intention that it will be so. Release these intentions to the Universe by going outside and speaking them out loud, believing without a doubt that you are speaking your desires into existence.

Day 4: SOLSTICE DAY! This is a day to honor the Universe, Mother Earth, Father Sky and perhaps most importantly, yourself with nurturing and self-care. Receive with abundant gratitude the support of the fire that burned away your limiting beliefs, the Earth that supports you and the Sky that carries your dreams, without limit, throughout the Universe. Revisit your intentions and feel the shift that is occurring with the regeneration that the Solstice brings. Relish in the beauty of the transformation within. Quiet your mind and your heart and drink in the beauty that is all around you. And if you can view the Great Conjunction, all the better!!

I would love to hear about your Winter Solstice celebration rituals!


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