One of my early transformative teachers, the one I credit with paving the way for my journey of self-discovery, was Wayne Dyer. Years ago, I stumbled across Your Sacred Self while perusing the wellness section of the local book store, and it turned out to be a book that literally changed my life.

There are many insightful quotes attributed to Dr. Dyer, and one of my favorites is one that remains on my vision board no matter how many iterations it may go through.

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of having abundance in your life.”


I will admit, when I first came across this quote, I interpreted it (and applied it) to my working life, however as my journey has progressed it’s meaning has become far richer than just, well, riches.

Doing what you love means loving all aspects of your life as it presently exists: your career, your home, your relationships, your health and, yes, your finances. By no means am I suggesting that there is no need to strive to improve these facets. Life is, after all, a journey. But if you love your life as it presently exists, you will approach each day with joy and purpose. You will feel better physically and emotionally. You will live each day with your eyes, heart and mind open to the opportunities that are available to you, and that is where abundance exists.

Abundance means many things. While we normally associate abundance with material wealth, it can also be measured in terms of such things as health, relationships and happiness. When you are feeling physically fantastic, you tend to act in ways to perpetuate that physical wellness. When your relationship is going well, you tend to be more thoughtful and loving with your partner. When you are happy, you tend to focus on things that make you happier. Like a snowball rolling downhill, the good things in your life continue to grow.

Learning to truly love your life can start with the smallest of steps and the most powerful of tools–gratitude. Being grateful for what you have at this very moment, no matter how seemingly trivial, can start that snowball rolling down the hill.

Don’t like your job? Be grateful that you have one (especially now when so many are out of work) and take affirmative steps to look for something new. Every day before you walk into your office, or your store or your restaurant, say “thank you for this job.” You will be amazed at how this one small gesture will change the way your day goes. Who knows? You many start finding things that you really like about your job!

Not feeling self love? Be grateful that you are here and that as each day dawns, it is another opportunity to find something you love. For in finding what you love about life, be it music or nature or art, or the incredibly wide variety of things that can be your bliss, you tap into what makes you happy and you start nurturing that bliss within you.

I could go on and on with examples, but if you’ve read this far, I trust that you’ve got the picture. Loving your life means being grateful for everything you have, everything you are and everything you want to be. Once you truly start loving your life, life will present to you more things about it to love. And that is true abundance!

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