As I have written previously, I am a firm believer that affirmations are life changing. They are potent reminders of the truth of your authentic self that hold immense transformative power. The affirmations below recently came to me in a meditation and I felt called to share them with you. Get quiet, breathe deeply and sink into them, repeating each one slowly and with absolute knowing and belief in their truth. Have a beautiful weekend, beloved!

  • I am Divine Love, filled with purpose, passion abundance and creativity
  • My heart is open
  • I am ready to receive
  • I am inspired and inspiring
  • I am loved and loving
  • I am breathtakingly beautiful inside and out
  • I am powerful
  • I am kind
  • I am a magnet for the desires of my heart
  • My high vibrational energy draws those with similar energy to me and me to them
  • I revel in the beauty and potential that is this day
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