Spirit reminded me today of the tremendous power of passion to utterly change our lives. While passion might conjure all sorts of notions, mostly related to relationships, the passion of which I speak involves the passion of committing every aspect of your life to the fulfillment of your dreams and desires–your purpose.

I have written previous posts about the absolute joy that will be found in identifying and living your purpose. Life becomes fun and meaningful. Rather than dreading each morning, you will rise with the sun and be so overjoyed that you get to spend another day on this earth.

Living purposefully means living passionately in pursuit of your dreams, whatever they may be. Living passionately requires a commitment of time, energy and focus to your purpose and everything that you need to fulfill it. At first, this commitment might be one hour per week, but commit you must. For even that single hour is important, because you will find that it will soon become 10 hours, then 20, and then, well, your life! The more you focus your passions, the more your passions will focus on you.

True passion can exist in every aspect of our lives, from our dreams, to our finances, to our health and to our relationships. Think of your purpose as a bonfire, and each of your desires, dreams and goals are the sticks that you add to fuel that fire. The more fuel you add, the bigger and brighter the fire.

You have that fire. It might be a flicker, or it might be roaring, but the important thing to remember is that it exists in you, and you have the power to transform that flicker into a huge bonfire if you just start living with passion.

So what is ‘living with passion?’ It is knowing what lights you up and adding even the smallest twig to that fire everyday. It is living mindfully, conscious of what you are doing and why you are doing it. It is asking for your steps to be shown to you and then waking up each day excited to see what breadcrumbs the Divine left for you on your path and following them. It is living in the present and finding gratitude for everything that was, for it brought you to this day.

There is tremendous power in passion. When it is interwoven in every aspect of your life, your life will truly change.

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

I have started writing the following affirmations in the morning that frame my day to keep picking up those sticks and adding them to my fire. The shift that has occurred in my mindset since creating these affirmations has been nothing short of incredible. You can adapt these in anyway you need depending on your own goals and dreams.

  • I love to share wisdom and inspiration to others through my writing
  • I love money because it lovingly supports my desire to write
  • I love Love, because those connections and relationships increase our respective lights to illuminate the world
  • I love my healthy body, because it allows me to have a clear mind and strong vessel to achieve my purpose
  • I love travel, because it connects me to the world, and ultimately, to my purpose

Remember, you have that fire of purpose within. You have a passion or passions that will fuel that fire. Just find that first twig. You won’t regret it!

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5 thoughts on “Interwoven Passion

  1. Very inspiring words. Daily affirmations can be powerful. Passion meaning, β€œto suffer for.” I find the following question useful to ask, what are you willing to suffer for? Thank you for your words of encouragement. πŸ™

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