Countless songs, poems and novels have been written about heartache.  It is one of those universal life experiences to which nearly everyone can relate.  A broken heart, a betrayed friendship, a dream lost.  The pain of brokenness is one of those feelings that seem like it will never end, until it does.

I have learned to embrace the heartaches in my life, because they always seem to lead to something better.  That lover who shattered my heart into a million pieces taught me how to forgive.  That friend who betrayed my trust taught me discernment.  That teenage child with sometimes incredible lapses of judgment taught me unconditional love.  I would rather have learned to forgive, to discern and to love without condition than to have avoided the pain that led to these truths.

I believe that I am much stronger and more grounded today because of my past hurts.  Looking forward through the eyes of forgiveness, discernment and love is a joy much sweeter than the loves and friendships that broke my heart.  I have learned to rely on, and trust God undeniably and unconditionally, for which I am eternally grateful. So, I thank You for the heartache, because it has brought me closer to the person I was created to be.



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