My brother called me last evening to invite my son and me for Thanksgiving dinner later this month.   As is typical with my conversations with my older sibling (that occur regrettably infrequently), he asked “what’s new?”  My response:  “Just workin.  It’s all good.”   Reflecting on that comment in these pre-dawn hours, it struck me that “it’s all good” was a truth that seemed to slip out of my soul and form into words before I could even think about them.  To most, the concept of “just workin” and “it’s all good” typically do not go hand in hand.  And my response to my brother did not necessarily connect the two.   I realize that my life does not consist of “just workin.”  Do I love my job? I would have to say ‘no,’ but the important thing to me is that it is a job, nothing more.  I have learned that my life is so much more that what I do to earn a paycheck.  I have been with my current employer nearly 19 years, and, while not as lucrative a position as most would assume, it has kept a roof over my head, food on the table for my son and me, and the bills paid.   The important thing is that I am content.  Not content in a passive “it is what it is” way; content in knowing that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  As I look deeper into myself and learn more about the Infinite Source who loves me, guides me and protects me, I can joyfully arrive at work each day open to new possibilities of personal growth and awareness.   I am not at this job to be a lawyer.  I am at this job to be a soul ready to experience and engage in relationships that God is placing in my path to help me get to the place that He wants me to be.  With this perspective, I can honestly say “it’s all good.”


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