During a recent meditation, I hit that sweet spot, that still point, that place where there is nothing, yet everything all at once–glorious, blissful and epiphanous. And in that place I heard the words, “I am here. As you.”

As I somewhat reluctantly brought this meditation to a close, I reflected on those words for quite a while, knowing deep in my soul what they meant, but allowing my mind to process the experience such that my words could be used to describe the experience.

A bit of background is necessary at this point. I have been going through some creative struggles as of late, and as most writers will tell you, the seed of procrastination can usually be found in something called “imposter syndrome.” Those thoughts that creep into your mind telling you that you’re not talented enough, or educated enough, or wise enough, or any number of things that make you question your abilities and your passion for whatever it is that you are pursuing.

So, prior to the aforementioned meditation, I declared to Spirit that I was open to allowing and receiving any guidance or any message that I needed to hear. And I heard those words. “I am here. As you.”

Photo by k.a.johnson

By those words, not only was I being reminded of my own divinity and oneness with my Creator; I was being reminded of the divinity of each and every being on this Earth. At its’ essence, divinity is love, pure and simple. When we remember that we are an eternal divine soul in a temporary body, then we transcend those ego-centric beliefs regarding self-worth, fear and struggle that we have learned over the course of our lifetimes. When we are able to see the divine not only in our own selves, but in others, beliefs of separateness or “us versus them” dissipate.

“You are worthy by virtue of the fact that you have a divine eternal essence. Period. You need prove nothing. So any thoughts that you repeat which are contrary to that are keeping you from experiencing your loving presence.”

Wayne W. Dyer, Your Sacred Self

As divine beings, we are more powerful and loving than we know. I believe that part of everyone’s purpose is to recognize your holiness so that whatever you pursue during this lifetime is imbued with the absolute, unconditional knowing that your gifts are a reflection of the eternal love and creative power of your divine eternal essence.

And that divine eternal essence is here. As you.

Gaiam Meditation Collection

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