So, you’ve watched The Secret, set your intentions, recited the affirmations and await the manifestation of your dreams and desires. Is that all there is to it? Well, yes and no.

One of the keys to manifestation that often gets overlooked is allowing. In order to really tap into the power of the Universe you must trust it, and allow the Universe to bring those resources, people and things that you truly desire.

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We humans are hard-wired for action. From an early age we are taught that if we want something, we have to make it so. So, as adults seeking to benefit from the Laws of Attraction, we bring a learned skepticism to the table. We set our intention, but then often try to control the how and when of our request. It can be difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that something that we do not see could ever bring our dreams to fruition because it flies in the face of everything we have known since birth. However, in trying to control how and when our dreams come into our present reality, what we are really saying is “I don’t trust Source to do it, so I am going to find a way to earn the money I need to buy that new car.” And, according to the Laws of Attraction, this will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Now don’t get me wrong, action is very much a part of manifestation, and the action required will be shown to you if you allow it to be shown to you. Rather than devising your own plan to manifest the money to buy that new car and just hoping it will work out, set your intention to allow the Universe to show you what you need to do, and then do it, in complete faith that the results will be what you want and for your highest good (more on the “highest good” part of the equation will be the subject of a future post!).

Consider this for a second (and I will stick with the example of money because that is what many associate with manifestation work). What if you had so much confidence in the Universe that you simply asked for money when you needed it, as opposed to asking for, say $5 million, which would be more than enough for your needs and wants? Remember, the Universe responds to those who in unshakable belief and trust that what they’ve asked for will manifest. In the example above, who do you think has more trust in the Universe?

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Without trust, allowing the Universe to work on your behalf will be next to impossible.

Remember, the Universe wants to give you the desires of your heart and is ready and willing to provide you anything and everything that you ask for. Whether it is money to allow you to focus on your pursuits, or abundant health that will put you in the best possible position to live your purpose, the Universe will provide. All you have to do is Ask. Believe. And Allow.

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