Having recently added matcha to my wellness routine, I feel a sense of reverence and ceremony every time I make a cup. The powdered green tea that is matcha is earthy, grassy and incredible grounding. And the process involved in its’ preparation is a ceremony of presence unto itself. Far from pushing a button on the Keurig, it takes a little extra time to prepare the water, whisk it into a foam with that beautiful matcha whisk, and then topping it off with more water and whatever you like to add to it.

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The caffeine in matcha is somewhat less than what you would find in a cup of coffee, and I find it softer and less jitter-inducing. Matcha actually has a calming, yet subtle energizing effect that makes it a perfect mid-day respite.

And the potential health benefits? I’ll leave that to the experts, but the studies are amazing and well worth a read.

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In the past, I would reach for a cup of joe to beat those mid-afternoon energy slumps, but now, I take 15 minutes or so to get out from behind the screen, mindfully make that cup of matcha and enjoy it out on the patio with nothing to distract me during my refresh time. My productivity after my afternoon “matcha moments” is usually through-the-roof good, and I have found that it does not affect my sleep later on.

“Legend has it that Buddhist monks used matcha to focus during meditation, to be alert and present in the moment.”


I am always looking for ways to use matcha and would love to hear some of your ideas! If you haven’t tried matcha yet, I’d urge you to give it a try, for your own health, wellness and the simple pleasure of celebrating you. Cheers to you and your matcha moments!

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