Reprogramming our minds and our thoughts to focus on the way we want our life to be, rather than on perceived limitations, is paramount to co-creating a beautiful reality. Choosing to direct our thoughts on a desired outcome, situation or condition, and focusing on them as though they are already in existence has been scientifically proven to bring about change. When we consciously focus on positive thoughts or outcomes, we attract the people or things necessary to bring about those positive thoughts or outcomes.

“I AM” Affirmations

Anyone who has read about the Law of Attraction and applied it in their own lives knows about the power of “I Am” affirmations. By regularly affirming to yourself those things you want, or how you want your life to be, you are reprogramming your subconscious mind to create that reality. Positive affirmations will not only push out the negative self-talk and allow your authentic soul to shine, but will also help you to defend against the negativity and opinions of others.

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Think about it for a second. Someone tells you that you are beautiful and that makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. Why does it make you feel so good? Because it validates what you know in your subconscious mind to be true about yourself. Unfortunately, we as humans have learned to live outside of ourselves, looking to others for validation in love, appreciation, wealth, or any number of things that make us feel whole. Just as a compliment can send our heart soaring, a criticism can send us reeling. Allowing your happiness to be validated and controlled by another is no way to love your life.

You can search “I am” affirmations and get a million different suggestions. When you sit down to write yours, have absolutely no limitations on crafting the life you want. Just make sure your affirmations are in the present tense with only positive concepts. Don’t say “I am out of debt,” as “debt” has a negative connotation. Instead, say “I am financially free.” The best advice, however, is to reach high and have fun. Nothing is too grand! Some of the affirmations I use include:

  • I am limitless
  • I am healthy and strong in mind, body and spirit
  • I am a wonderful, loving mother
  • I am generous with my abundance

It is also helpful to be really specific with your affirmations. For example,

  • I am writing a best selling novel titled ______
  • I am making _______ in income this year
  • I am my desired weight of _______

You must believe in the validity of your desires and intentions, and affirmations will help you get there. This truth must come from within, not without. Believe me, once you have reprogrammed your subconscious mind to know and be the person you were created to be, there is nothing anyone can say or do that will make you feel otherwise.

“I’m Thankful I Get To” Affirmations

That brings me to another type of affirmation that I use in addition to “I Am.” Before I get out of bed each morning, I stretch a little and say something along the lines of “I’m thankful I get to live my purpose today,” or “I’m thankful I get to be a writer today,” or even “I’m thankful I get to go to the dentist today because I am taking care of myself.”

These affirmations also work when faced with a challenging event or task. When I was a practicing attorney, instead of lamenting an upcoming task, I would say something along the lines of “I am thankful I get to use my knowledge and experience in the best way I know how to respond to the judge.”

The “I get to” affirmations will get you excited for the day ahead by immediately framing your day in a state of gratitude. You are reprogramming your mind to appreciate the day before you, appreciate where you are at this very moment and live with exhilarated expectation. Even seemingly mundane tasks such as going to the dentist can be reframed in a way that directs your focus to your higher vibration.

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Each one of us has the absolute power to change our current reality to align with what makes us shine from the inside out. It requires a choice, and it requires action. Affirmations are a tremendous way to harness and use that power to create a life that you will love.


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