Stop what you are doing right now and take in the beauty of what surrounds you…

In every moment of every day, there is magic happening around us. Our job (should we choose to accept it) is to recognize those little miracle nuggets, and know beyond the shadow of any doubt that every little detail of our lives is sacred. Whether you are sitting behind a desk or sitting on the beach, the Divine is around you, right out in the open for you to see and appreciate. As you begin to notice the sacred beauty in your life, it will become a wonderful habit that will make each day a gift of curiosity, expectation and appreciation.

I am an early riser, and love to greet the day sitting in the cool quiet of my garden. I love to witness the world awakening from its’ slumber. The chattering of the squirrels as they frolic along the back fence and gather their abundance in the cool of the morning. The playfulness and beauty of the hummingbirds as they dance around the fountain for their morning bath. All of this is sacred. Being witness to and awestruck by the ordinary is being witness to life unfettered and how it was created to be, in all of its’ perfection.


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