As another year is coming to a close, I am engaging in what millions of others around the globe do at this time of year. Reflection on the past, and hope for the coming year. This process helps me to learn a little bit more about myself, strengths and weaknesses alike.

I am still learning. Learning to follow my path, to meditate, to be present, to be joyful and not fearful, to forgive and to love unconditionally. There are days when I think I know what’s what about life, then there are those days when I feel as lost as ever, just going through the motions. It’s in those ‘lost days’ where we must force ourselves to pay attention and move forward. Without attention, and intention, those lost days will turn into weeks and months, perhaps years.

I am also still learning that I want to keep learning. If I ever get to a point where I think I know it all, that’s the day that I stop living. The journey is your soul moving onward, looking back only in gratitude for the life events that got you to this point, and looking forward only in confidence that each day, each moment, is bringing you closer to the Divine.


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