The simple, historic beauty of this place lights my heart!

I love to travel. Interestingly, I did not travel much in my younger days. Perhaps I would not have appreciated the different cultures, environs, and people as I do now. Now, the experience of a world outside of my own excites me, energizes me, humbles me and frees me. I see how alike we humans are, no matter our language, the color of our skin, or our socio-economic state. We are all of the same Light.

I recently explored Casco Viejo in Panama. A stunning little neighborhood near Panama City with narrow, cobbled streets and a vibrancy that beckons you along to witness her simple treasures. Whether it is dancing into the wee hours at one of the many rooftop bars, enjoying the sumptuous food of this culture, or lingering over an Americano at an open cafe, this neighborhood is a delight to the senses.


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