The best intentions are often not enough to battle the busyness of life.  I like to write.  I have promised myself that I would not allow my job to interfere with the pleasure of writing.  Unfortunately, I have failed myself miserably in these last several weeks.  When work is busy, it seems to trickle down to all other aspects of my life;  staying late at the office means eating dinner at a later hour, which means doing dishes at a later hour, which means less downtime before heading off to bed, exhausted both physically and mentally.   Being busy at work oftentimes means working on a Saturday, which means my Saturday chores and errands are pushed to Sunday.  You get the picture.

During the past week, I have had to drive several hours a couple of days for work.  Physical fatigue of driving five hours a day aside, this alone time in the car has helped to re-focus my intentions.  I often begin a writing in my mind, and this week I have been able to come up with some fantastic ideas that have me really excited.  I cannot wait to begin putting pen to paper, so to speak, to get this story going.   It is crazy to think that this past Monday, when looking at the week ahead with disdain for the schedule confronting me, was not the beginning of a busy work week, but rather the beginning of a new burst of creativity.  I am constantly fighting the busyness of life in order to realize my dreams and desires, and it’s comforting to know that the fight is not over.  The important thing to realize is that no matter how many blows I take, I’ve got to keep looking for that opening that will allow me to throw a wicked right cross.


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